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Social Skills Group

Group therapy is an effective way for children to learn to work and play together

“Social skills” is a broad area that is addressed by children’s therapists in different ways.

In social skills groups at Apex Occupational Therapy children will actively participate in a variety of activities and will not be expected to remain seated having discussions and lectures. While there will be direct instruction of social skills through the use of social stories, cartoons and discussion, we believe that there needs to be a way to practice these skills in the context of a “real world” experience to be most effective. Children will work together to complete a project, learning the skills they need to manage frustrations, compromise, and interact with others.

We use elements from the social thinking curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner when it is appropriate to the issues of the children in the group.

 Skills we address include:

  • Compromising
  • Taking Turns
  • Problem solving conflicts
  • Using appropriate language and tone of voice
  • Dealing with disappointment and not getting your way
  • Interacting with others when there is a disagreement or conflict
  • Staying on topic
  • Listening to others
  • Knowing when to internalize (understanding that your choices affect how others see you and that the choices other children make may or may not be related to your behavior)
  • Avoiding “copycat” behavior
  • Using a “filter” before speaking—thinking before speaking

Self-reflection is also an important component of this group to improve self-awareness in social situations. There will be focus on particular areas of need as expressed by parents, so each group may have a slightly different focus to make sure all areas of concern are addressed.

Please note: If your child has significant language delays (non-verbal or limited language, cannot follow directions that involve more than one step) or significant behavioral issues (aggression, severe anxiety) a group setting may not be a good fit for your child.

What ages can participate?
We offer separate therapy groups for children based on developmental level.

For children in elementary school: The group may include children from first through 4th grade. Activities are adapted to meet a variety of learning styles, so it can meet the needs of a variety of ages and maturity levels. If children have significant difficulty paying attention (they need almost constant redirection to stay focused on an activity or are unable to stay focused to listen to an adult for at least ten minutes) you may want to consider having your child participate in one of our self-regulation groups first.

For adolescents: This group is for children who are in middle school and is often a better fit for children in fifth grade. If you have a fifth-grade child who is very immature then the elementary group may be more appropriate.

My child is in kindergarten/preschool. Is there a group available for her?
Our Junior Blasters group also addresses social skills for children who are age 4 or older. It addresses many of the common social issues of this age group while also addressing self-regulation skills.
How much does it cost?

See our therapy rates page for current pricing. Space is not guaranteed unless payment is received. You may pay when you register, send us a check (PO Box 1195, Apex, NC 27502), or pay securely here.

Please note that due to the nature of the group that we are unable to provide make up sessions for missed visits and that a minimum of 3 children are needed to hold this group.

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