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Some children have delays, conditions or personalities that affect their learning and independence. This keeps them from being able to participate in family outings, follow routines, make friends, and function at school. We are enthusiastic about helping your child be independent with these things, but we aren’t only your child’s therapist–we’re your coach and teammate. We’ll work with you to help your child be successful and give you knowledge and strategies to help you be your best with your child.


Meet our staff

Alicia KollmarMS, OTR/L  has worked as an occupational therapist with children since 2000, primarily working in district schools and is the owner of Apex Occupational Therapy. She moved around the country as a travel therapist and settled in North Carolina in 2006.  Although she continues to enjoy working in the schools, she was inspired to open her own therapy practice because she felt that she had more to offer children than school-based therapy allowed. Her goals are to help children learn new skills and to work collaboratively with parents so they can find ways to enjoy typical family activities with their child who may have behavioral, sensory, or motor challenges. She is enthusiastic about occupational therapy and enjoys the challenge of creating, researching and learning new ways to help children and families.

Tori Nojd, OTA/L is experienced in the arena of occupational therapy as a practitioner, mother, and client. She enjoys working with children and her experiences have given her a unique perspective and holistic approach to therapy.

How are we different from other therapists?

We believe that communication with parents is essential for carryover of what children are learning in therapy. We provide handouts and homework (depending on the group), and will make time to speak with you to share effective strategies or issues that arise. We encourage communication and welcome emails provided you have a signed release on file allowing us to communicate this way. We really want our sessions to be effective and value your communication and feedback.

Area we serve

We serve families in the Triangle, North Carolina area including Raleigh, Cary, Apex and Holly Springs, NC.

Our location

  • Office location: 825 Perry Road, Apex, NC 27502
  • Mailing address: P.O. Box 1195, Apex, NC 27502

We are located in the complex behind AutoZone. Once inside the business park, drive behind the building with the Florist and Allstate signs and you will see our parking area and entrance.

Our hours of service

Hours are by appointment only and are offered after school, evening, Saturday and Sundays. We are closed most Mondays and Wednesdays.

New clients

After you make an appointment we will send you forms that need to be completed and email you with directions to make sure you can find us. You may print them or arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete them on the first day.

At the evaluation appointment we usually prefer that parents are not in the room so that we can more easily establish rapport, but parents can sit outside of the room to listen if desired. Please call us prior to your appointment to discuss any issues you can’t easily explain on our forms and don’t want to say in the presence of your child. We will email you the final report within 3 business days. Payment is expected at the time of the evaluation.


Apex Occupational Therapy

1 month 3 days ago

We wish all of the fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, brothers, uncles, and all other father figures a wonderful day. Thank you for all that you do…

Apex Occupational Therapy

1 month 3 days ago

CHADD is a nonprofit organization with resources for children and adults with ADHDhttps://buff.ly/2JRhn1B

Being different isn't a flaw. Share this video to inspire someone who might be struggling with ADHD. #MyADHD #

Apex Occupational Therapy

1 month 4 days ago

A high school graduation speech worth listening to. #autism

High school senior with autism, who is usually nonverbal, delivers an 'unexpected' speech that steals the show at his graduation ceremony.

"Do the unexpected. It is your life that you are living, not anyone else’s, so do what fulfills you." https://abcn.ws/2LQIfj4

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